About Our Sushi & Hibachi Steakhouse

Nigiri and Uramaki Sushi — Sushi Restaurant in Birmingham, AL
Eating Japanese food is an experience like no other. Here, we offer the highest standards in Japanese cuisine. We use selections of the finest and freshest ingredients to create fantastic meals.
Our hibachi experience is centered around a traditional hibachi grill paired with skillfully trained and entertaining chef. Our chef prepares your meal to your satisfaction while you sit back and enjoy the show! Our sushi is not only delicately prepared but also artfully presented as well. Once you've tried it, you'll definitely want more.
Mt. Fuji Japanese Sushi Steakhouse is a great place to celebrate holidays, anniversaries and birthdays. Come in on your birthday and enjoy a dessert on us. We offer VIP cards with special benefits, ask us about signing up for one. Gift cards are also available. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know. We hope that you enjoy your meal and come back soon!